Previous Assignments

Pan-European Pharmaceutical Company: Our consultant carried out a study on employee performance and reporting efficiency then helped them implement a multinational Business Intelligence roll-out of Cognos, a change that affected hundreds of employees. We interfaced with board level management and led the business heads and technical teams through the analysis, development and successful implementation stages including defining service levels for internal and external staff.

The client was very satisfied and was able to expand significantly as a result, adding more than 200 personnel to the head-count and safeguarding more than £100 million of turnover.
British Queue Management Company: The originating queue management company in the UK started to slip behind their competitors in both market penetration and innovation. Our consulting advisor helped them visualise how they could:

Construct a 'Cloud' business model leveraging smartphones, Internet tablets and social media

Extend this new business model to encompass 3rd party business intelligence reporting

Implement in such a way that competitors need to buy services from them, as a monopoly

Other notable mentions include:
  • Smartphone and Internet Tablet customer engagement App design for global retail chain
  • iPad based 'New Media' business model and network to monetise classic car collection
  • Business Intelligence, Programme & Project Management work within pharmaceutical industry
  • Business Intelligence strategy within telecommunications industry
  • Customer relationship systems and business process design within telecommunications industry
  • Data Warehouse design and programme management within merchant banking industry